100 Biggest Hotel Businesses in Slovakia

Our calculations show that 100 biggest hotel businesses, i.e. approx. 6% of all hotel businesses in the country according to our database, achieve a turnover of approx. 513 mil. Euros and employ 14,282 workers. For only € 545 per year (one-time subscription, no automatic extension) you will reach about 59% of Slovakia's entire hotel market and its purchasing volume. In addition to the postal address, you will receive the contact details of the contact person (managing director) in about 94% of the companies, the telephone number (without opt-in) in 87% and at least 1, often even up to 3 size attributes (number of beds, turnover, number of employees). You will also receive the website information in approx. 0% of the data. Selected via our online tool, this high-quality target group costs around € 682, so your price advantage for package purchase is approx. 20%.
100 Biggest Hotels
100 Biggest Hotels
Major Lodging Industry in Slovakia
You will receive 100 addresses with an annual usage licence. This entitles you to use our data as often as you wish for your own direct advertising purposes for 12 whole months.
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Quality Guarantee

Company addresses are subject to whopping rates of change: New openings, closures, takeovers, reorganisations, relocations and ongoing staff changes cause returns, i.e. undeliverable advertising mailings. This applies in particular to the very volatile sectors of the hotel, catering and food industries. Our specialisation allows us a high update frequency: We carry out regular checks of deliverability, systematic comparisons against reference files as well as extensive research and updates. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of returns and to grant a generous reimbursement: For each return from the first usage of the addresses delivered by us – which you send us within 90 days as an Excel or CSV file with a postal note stating the reason for undeliverability – we will refund you 60 cents plus VAT. We refund 30 cents for physical or scanned returns. This is quality guarantee with value!

Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Correct address data in terms of content and form are the key to reaching your customers and avoiding tax losses. Furthermore, they evidently increase the acceptance and effect of direct advertising campaigns. Additionally, if you also add valuable extra information to your customer data, you can enjoy the benefits of modern CRM and ERP systems as well as systematically narrow down your core target group and reduce your advertising costs long-term. We would love to help you upgrade your own existing files of customers and potential buyers with our global and professional address qualification services:
  • Address check (correction of the postal address)
  • Duplicate check (elimination of duplicates)
  • Elimination of returns, insolvencies, company closures and incorrect contact data
  • Accumulation of company-related attributes from our specialised database and partner databases

Print & Lettershop

An excellent data basis is the prerequisite for acquiring new customers. Both persuasive and professionally made postal advertising mailings ultimately open up a successful as well as legal dialogue with your potential new clients. In order to exploit your market potential with a long-lasting effect, a fitting advertising print with a reasonable circulation and frequency is crucial. We are happy to take care of everything for you - from production to delivery of your mailings and catalogues:
  • Printing of your advertising materials: postcards, advertising letters, flyers, brochures, catalogues...
  • Postage optimisation to achieve low postal charges
  • Lettershop works: Addressing, folding, enveloping, foiling
  • Worldwide post delivery as bulk mail

Concept & Internationalization

In the future, many industries will only be likely to achieve resounding corporate success through the synthesis of a scalable business model and a consistent internationalization strategy. Mail order and sales concepts that are based on direct marketing are intrinsically scalable. The out-of-home market and the food industry are predestined for international market development due to their purchasing needs which are similar across most countries. We are happy to support you in the development and control of your mail order or your sales concept based on direct marketing. Moreover, we would love to help you implement your internationalisation strategy:
  • Target group analyses, establishment of core target groups, planning of sales and earnings according to market segments
  • Worldwide search, selection and support of importers and fulfillment partners for your products
  • Mailing and catalogue development together with your direct marketing or advertising agency
  • Response analyses and derivation of optimisation decisions concerning the factors target group and product range